Welcome to FARAYEM TRAINING CENTRE (FTC)! We have a range of programmes that will give you the qualification and skills you need for your chosen career as well as providing you progression to Universities in Britain, America, and Canada etc.


We offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. After completing any of our undergraduate programmes, you have three choices. Firstly, you can go on to our Postgraduate Diploma Programme, or you can use your qualification to obtain a more senior position in the workplace. Level 6 Diploma holders have the skills and knowledge required for managerial roles. Thirdly, you can enter the final year of many degree programmes in countries including the UK, US, Australia and Canada

With our sixteen (16) years of experience in United Kingdom Educational Framework, you can bet that there is no better place suited to meet your needs. Our courses bring you recognised qualifications which will make a huge difference to your future. Our friendly and easy-to-approach staffs wait to welcome you on board.